Access your android files online !

In this guide we will be able to connect to our android device and browse the files in its memory online . You will be able to move files from and to your phone with ease, accessing it without the need or the fuss of wires lying around your desk.
Things you will need:
  • ES File Explorer: PlayStore Link ( free )
  • A wifi network connection.
On your Phone:
  • Install ES File Explorer from the link provided above.
  • Press on the top left icon to browse the options.
  • Choose Network > Remote Manager .
  • Turn on WLAN.
On your PC:
  • Open My Computer
  • Right Click and choose ” Add a network location “
  • Choose next > ” Choose a custom network location ” > Enter the address shown on your phone
  • Log on anonymously > next > Enter a name for your device > finish !

You are now setup to access your phone memory on your pc without the need for wires!

Remember that you have to be on the same wifi connection to access your phone .

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Hassan Alsaibai


  1. Hey …suddenly my micromax canvas hd a116 sytem stopped after hanging almost all internal launcher , storage etc etc …stopped working notication bar is not showing any notifications preview of msgs or phone calls ….only apps are working which i downloaded ….how to recover from this problem plz help me …i only beleive i all guys can help this out !!

  2. @shivam vijay,

    Backup personal files on a pc.
    Go to settings > Retore factory settings.

  3. Which address to be put on here “””Enter the address shown on your phone”””… Because I could not find address of my phone where I want to see my phone’s address… Help me out.

    The address will be written on your phone under “input this address on your pc”

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