Being impersonated Sucks – How someone scammed brands into sending them devices!


Early February 2015, I got a tweet from RHA asking me to follow them, I did and they sent me the DM that you can see below…


I was surprised and disappointed but told myself “C’est la vie” what can we do and anyway RHA had contacted me so no harm done right?

Next up I received this comment on google plus, beneath one of my posts…Ian_Xie

I sent the reply from my phone and I forgot all about it… later, when I came in to work, out of curiosity, I tracked the package and saw that it was delivered to a D Chakraborty in Pune.


So I decided to get to the bottom of this and mailed Aputure (from the e-mail ID I found on their website)

Ted Sim from Aputure replied back to me stating its a $400 Field Monitor that they’ve shipped to me and maybe they got the addresses mixed up and asked me to reconfirm my address…



I was confused as I never placed an order for a Field Monitor, I already own a Lillput that am quite happy with, that’s when Ted told me this was a review Unit that I had requested … I was surprised, I asked him to forward me my alleged request mail and Ted did that, This is the e-mail.


If you guys follow me, you’d probably know that I host something called “C4EHangouts” or “C4EFanChat” once in a while where I hangout with aspiring YouTubers, try to help them, guide them as best as I can… I don’t do it on air, I don’t record it, I don’t want to make money off it, I just want to provide help to YouTubers who are at a point where I myself was in the recent past…

And this is how I met Sudipto Chakraborty, a high school kid who was interested in tech and runs a tech channel TekhSquare. I did my best to help him out,  I was on hangouts with him, giving advice, tips, whatever guidance I felt I could have used when I was starting up.

I liked his enthusiasm, trusted him, and even offered to host him in my office for a week once he’s done with school, offered to have him shoot from my office and give him access to all devices that I have for the time he was here…

From my hangouts with him, I remembered that he was from Pune and his dad’s name is Dwaityeswar Chakraborty (D Chakraborty is who received the package as per Fedex) but still, I considered this kid, a little brother, so I couldn’t believe it would be him who was impersonating me… So I went ahead and posted the shipping address that Ted gave me on my socials and I had a couple of people contact me saying the address was in fact Sudipto’s

The Address:

“J-11/04, Jai Jawan Awas, AWHO Enclave,

Gondhale Nagar, Near Ganga Nagar,
Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra,
India- 411028Phone:9156xxxxxx “


I still couldn’t believe it, “there must be a misunderstanding” a voice in my head said… So I called the number from the Shipping address to maybe find it on True Caller but sadly I had it in my phonebook already – Sudipto :(

I don’t trust people easily, but when I do I trust implicitly,  I wanted to give him a chance to explain… So I called him up and he accepted that the site was his but denied that address was… I haven’t been able to get through to him ever since…

As much as I’d like to believe Sudipto, the facts state otherwise

  • The package was signed for by a D Chakraborty
  • The package was delivered to an address which according to “Who Is” information of a domain that he’s accepted to owning, belongs to him.
  • His phone number was provided to Aputure in the e-mail impersonating me

I know we are talking about a grade 12 kid, am not angry, am just disappointed and sad!

If he goes ahead and agrees to ship back the product to Aputure, am willing to forgive and forget… but if he continues denying it and refuses to send it back, I’ll be left with no option but to pursue an alternate course of action… being unable to reach him anymore this article is a last ditch attempt to try to reach him… so hopefully Sudipto or someone close to him reads this and manages to get him to return the product (& or products) that he’s received impersonating me.

Overall a sad day for me #FeelingCursed






Ash is the founder of C4ETech - Love's smartphones, cameras, shooting video, editing... everything tech :)


  1. Nice bro! Everyone needs to see this. Ash, one more thing I’d like to let you know is that, some dudes are now playing with fake press invites! :v

  2. sorry to hear this sad story bro …. i couldn’t believe this would actually happen .. come on hope you don’t stop doing your fanchat :( waiting for the next to hop in …..

  3. This is very cheap.
    Whatever his explanations might be. I had the same feeling as u had ash. Was surprised to know he was a school kid before. Have seen him using ur footages as well.. We look upon tech reviewers like ash and geekyranjith as people who talk and do justice. For me this is too much.
    As u said ash i wud say to keep some distance between these people. Amazing to see how you nailed this down this time ash. But we never know how many times this guy or another guy have used ur name and details for stuffs like these..

  4. Too bad .. i saw his channel and he really have chances to grow as youtuber but after this case he just ruin his career… If you take any legal action against him he is finished with his career. And like to advice that you should take legal action against him coz this type of fraud should be stopped by someone and teach lesson to this type of ppls ..!!

  5. Damn Ash , Why give him the benifit of the doubt and field for an explanation ? I could forgive a thief but not a back stabber . File a complaint and let the police handle it . Seriously you have given him a longer rope than is necessery .

  6. I have been following you on YouTube for quite some time now And I must say that you are doing amazing job reviewing products. I love the way you review.
    This is indeed sad what happend with you. Hope that someone from Sudipto reach out to you about all this. If that kid can write that professional looking email then he should know the difference between what is right and what is wrong.
    Or someone from his side helped him do this??
    Hope that all this get sorted out soon.

  7. Hey Ash,

    I really feel bad about this whole stuff, the sad part is we trust people and what they do is backstab us it’s is even worse than theft, I also had my share of ppl who I have encountered who try to think they are over smart, thinking that we don’t come to know about stuff they post and spread rumours and all the false info, but what Sudipto if he did it is really bad and sort of dumb.

    I think so it’s just coz we don’t take action these things do continue, I am glad that you stated all the info here so that everyone can have a look, I am saddened by all this coz I did see potential in Sudipto but now it’s all finished.

    Ranjit (Geekyranjit)

    • I agree with you.. Here some great people like you and Ash help lakhs of people and some cheap people make wrong use of it.. I also came to know about the fake twitter handle of “Rohan 2585″ spamming people with your name..Thats just too much ! You should take some action against these cheap people…

  8. This is completely Insane , how could one do this and use ur name like this :
    This is not some 3rd person , Sudipto himself doing some neat work with his channel but still this is unforgettable …

  9. I think you should Immediately file a police complaint against this guy. It is your name and reputation, not only among the cos but also in the market that will take a hit. Plus if he has done it with you, there is a fair chance he will do it with others, if not done already.
    Also it is imp to send a clear and strong message to all such offenders. If you let him go scot free, others will be tempted to try the same.

  10. Man this is terrible that someone impersonated you and got couples of things.

    I know that makes you sad but you can not be sad man, you did nothing except helping someone and that is good, you must not be sad by doing good deeds.

    I feel sad for that kid, because he would have get more than what he actually got.

  11. Hey Ash I think you should take a serious action on it. because if you don’t others will also do the same thing not with you but with other Tech Channels , and also if he can write that professional email and make that Idea, he will do that in future with someone else , so do something that can stop him from doing that in future!

  12. I believe that you should approach the police as this is a case of fraud and damaging to your reputation. You should look to discourage people like this guy and not let them think that they’ll get away with it with an apology / sending the item back.

  13. Hi Good Morning Ash, I went through the whole post and really I am shocked to see how far people can go with regards to online scamming. Things like these really hurt. You try to help someone but instead they impersonate you and involve in fraudulent activities. Shame on Sudipto.

    I think you should seriously take some action regarding this because people like these don’t bend from their usual nature even under extreme situations so until and unless you take a resolute step, this con of a protégé will not mend his act.

  14. This is terrible Ash, how could someone even think of doing and going through all these just for the sake of receiving review units? This is the lowest level anyone can get. This is a big shame.

  15. Hello, I’m Bharadwaj Giridhar.
    I don’t know if you know me, however I’m a great fan of you.
    I’ve been seeing your videos since you started reviewing Mi devices.
    Sudipto is a friend of mine @Facebook.
    I’ve sent him a message regarding this issue.
    I’m hoping he’ll return it.
    May the force be with you!

    I’d like to quote something,
    “You’ve got impersonators? Good. That means, you’re finally up to something” :)

  16. Really sorry to hear bro…. i will also try to contact sudipto on behalf of you
    to resolve it asap

  17. After reading this post, all I can say is what the heck!
    Searched for him on Facebook, his Facebook dp has 5 phones in his hand. I would make sure to report him to police and nip him in the buds,if he does not improve when given a chance. So that he is not capable of cheating anyone in the future.
    And brands should start using type mails.

  18. This is really bad thing and unethical if Sudipto has done this. Whatever it is, it needs to be shared on social media and Ash – you should really take some action on this else it will not stop and will affect others as well.

  19. That’s really frekin’ bad.. Why the hell people do this ? Specially with an AWESOME guy like Ash. Man, you’ve gone too low this time

  20. Never thought how cheap a guy can go to get review unit !! Never expected this from u sudipto .. The newspapaer article in which they covered you i dun know now i find it fake

  21. Hey Ash, huge fan here. Sudipto is my friend on Facebook. I’m messaging him right now about this issue. I hope he returns the package. Don’t worry, with great power (fame), comes great responsibility. (pain in the ass)

  22. Trust me Ash..i understand what you are going through right now and hats off to you bro coz what you are doing is required alot of guts. forgiving someone is the hardest thing a person can do. but sometimes forgiveness can teach a better lesson than punishment. we’d be gud frenz for sure if i wud be staying in Chennai. 😀

  23. Sad to read this, but all the same its a lesson learnt. Am glad you got the information earlier. Sorry buddy, I have been betrayed on several occasions.

  24. Hey ash i am a teen blogger and i love to do reviews and i know it feels good to get handson some units. However, Please take an action as otherwise it will create many problems for indian blogger industry and public relations people. and also he is in my facebook acc. i just sent him req a few days ago as he produces good quality videos but this let me down! I dont know why people are becoming jealous and do cheap things!

  25. Sorry Sudipto if you are hearing me.. I never expected this from you..pls accept your mistake..and there is no point in getting out of this..! *Sorry again* ..It takes time to repute yourself but its easier to make your name worst..*Sorry again.. :(

  26. this was so bad ash bro …… you said that he was 12th std in the article ….. bro he was not a kid so that he is innocent ….. whether you will take a action or not it was up to you …. but he may become a thief in future days…….:-(

  27. does the kid know that if you press criminal charges against him for impersonating ……he can be in trouble for the rest of his life…..
    guess the ‘youtube reviewer’ community is no different from the rest of the world

  28. That was really cheap, from his videos I thought he’s just a sincere blogger, but who would’ve thought that he has such evil and low mindset.

  29. You used 100% correct words to describe this situation ” not angry but disappointed” . It disappoints me too. 12th grade students is doing scams what will happen in future?? This is a thing to worry about. :( :( :/

  30. This is really sad man. I’m a tech YouTuber/blogger from Bangladesh and I am also in my teenage years. I was never expecting some teen, which infact makes better quality videos than mine impersonate a very big tech YouTuber like you. It is really sad and it also tells us to be careful when using the internet and social networks. All the best for the future

  31. I’m kinda shocked by this that someone you trusted would betray you like this badly I’ve seen people betraying too but this is too much but It’s still hard to believe he did it well if hd did do it I hope he realise his mistakes and confronts and apologies to you

  32. Dear ASH,

    Please dont let this go, simply ignoring things like these wont stop people from pulling this kind of crap. I strongly advice you that you file a police complaint. It doesnt matter if sudipto is a 12th std. student. What he did is terrible and he should be punished for that.

    A loyal subscriber to your channel.

  33. Very sad and feeling angry on knowing this fact , I also consider sudipto a trusted guy who loves tech but he’ll do this to you . I think that he always try to be on top and make fun of big social celebs like mkbhd meme page on fb , he also underestimate igyaan too via comment in foul language .
    Ash you should take strict action against him ,otherwise there will be more people who could get in trouble like you

  34. I cant believe that some cheap people do this wrong thing with such honest people like Ash the great reviewer & You-Tuber. Feeling sad about it :(

  35. This is indeed disappointing. People like sudipto (Stupido) won’t go anywhere in life. But you should definitely try to sue him.
    But more importantly, don’t let this happen in future. And that hangout needs to stop, i guess? I did not watch it, so I don’t know but there should be something wrong with the series.

  36. Really it is a very shocking thing..!! I trusted that guy once. I don’t think he can do that. Saying just because once I gave him my credit card details to place an order as He had Xiaomi Note in his cart and I needed it badly. He was ready to COD it but I asked him to place order from card as I was getting 10% discount from flipkart.

  37. Pretty bad to hear about that. I think this is that sort of blood running inside us, Indians and we have a full history of proudness and some other topic makes us think something very different. The thing he did is bad but next time you please step up ur privacy. By the way did u pay anything ?

  38. Hi Ash
    I feel very sad for you & shocked that his parents attitude no question how he the product or whatever. I was glad you still have huge heart to forgive & forget all he did but here is one thing i want to point that what he did is not a mistake but a crime & he must know what he did is wrong /illegal & have face the consequences rest i hope that you will out of this mess as soon as possible.
    Arjun Kharbanda
    No designation as of now 😛

  39. I sent some review units to Sudipto out of which 1 went missing (Worth INR 16,000 approx). He sent me a FIR copy for the same.

    Now I am skeptical whether it was really stolen / lost from his bag or it was something otherwise.

    Even I need to check the same.

    Thanks for updating.
    Never expected the same from him.


  40. That’s really disgusting..Maybe you need to take legal action against him to prevent this type of activity in Future. It will disturb the relation between PR’s and reviewers.

  41. Hi Ash, Its really sad. and thanks for sharing the whole story. I must say that a business mail should be like kind and not gmail, as gmail id can be created easily.

    The guy is so dumb that he cheated the guy who taught him a-z about this youtube thing.

  42. Hi,

    This is regarding to the product review for one of my tech client , please email me back with the concerned person details.

    Thank You ,


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