Galaxy S6 Edge vs Water & A Hard Surface – Who Wins?


If you will recall, we shot a video on our first impressions on the Samsung Galaxy S6 & the S6 Edge. It seems that Samsung put a lot of work into their latest flagship. Be mindful that both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge are not waterproof, but these devices can seemingly withstand exposure to water for a certain amount of time… That’s what Keaton Keller from TechSmartt did.

But let’s be real guys, it does not make much sense in this era of technology to build a smartphone without making provision for water resistance, especially when you are Samsung.

Well, it seems that someone has been trying to drown the Galaxy S6 edge, Keaton Keller from TechSmartt immersed a Galaxy S6 edge in water and found that this smartphone can actually handle it better than we expected.

Keller dunked the Galaxy S6 Edge in a bowl of water and left it there for more than 20 minutes. He did take the device out a couple of times to check if it was still working and indeed it was…. After 22 minutes he took it out, dried the Galaxy S6 edge with a towel and even tried shaking the water out.

It’s clear that the water made it inside because you can see it fog up the front camera.

His efforts to get it up and running fell short as the device got stuck in a boot loop. Eventually, the Galaxy S6 edge did turn on but the camera didn’t make it.

This video shows that while you can’t take your Galaxy S6 edge swimming with you, it’s robust enough to stand exposure to a reasonable amount of water during normal use. So you might not have to worry too much if you get caught in the rain with your shiny new Galaxy S6 edge.

Galaxy S6 Edge Water Test



Galaxy S6 Edge Drop Test

It’s cool that the S6 Edge can last a bit under water, but what if you drop it? Will the glass be able to take it?  Me personally, I didn’t expect it to (initially) given that fact that it features a premium design with a curved display covered by gorilla glass 4.

Somewhere in China, a user posted a video on the popular Chinese video sharing website Youku, where the Galaxy S6 Edge is subjected to a rather rough torment.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Survives A Brutal Drop Test


After watching the video, I was surprised to see that the phone still remained functional and had no major visible damage after being repeatedly thrown around in a violently. I guess this also proves the strength and build quality of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 used in both, the front and rear panels.

Critics might point out that the device might not withstand impact damage on stronger and rougher surfaces like concrete, but considering the severity of this drop test, one might be forgiven for saying that the S6 Edge is build stronger than most modern-day smartphones!

However, we will advice you to not try this at home and risk your new & expensive S6 Edge since there’s bound to be a combination of drop angle and severity which could be the breaking point for your device. Take this video as proof  that the Galaxy S6 Edge is stronger than it looks!

What do you think about both the water and the drop tests? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: TechSmartt & XDA-Developers

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S6 is an Android smartphone manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics. The phone was officially unveiled in a press conference at Mobile World Congress on 1 March 2015. The device is a successor to the Galaxy S5, which was released in 2014. The Galaxy S6 is scheduled to be released on 10 April 2015 in 20 countries.

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