Gaming Mice – My Top 3 for FPS!

Gaming Mice - Razer Naga

There are a variety of gaming mice available in the market, being an avid gamer am one of those guys who’s bought a ton of mice over the years. So, I understand the dilemma that one would face while buying a Gaming mouse. So today am going to list my top 3 gaming mice, the ones I feel you should consider and also give you my reasons why these mice made it to my list…

FPS or first person shooter games like counter-strike and call of duty require precise and reliable gaming mice. The mouse needs to be light, highly accurate and must have a few more buttons that could be configured whimsically to your hearts content . The ergonomics play a huge role in selection as there’s very little margin for error in a real time online FPS game . My all time favorite FPS mice list in no particular order is as follows :

1. Logitech MX518:

Though an older wired optical mouse, The Logitech MX518 is still is amongst the most comfortable of mice you’d find. It’s an 1800 dpi mouse with 5 programmable buttons not counting the scroll wheel and the traditional left & right click buttons. I love the fact that this mouse can take a lot of abuse . It is the ergonomic mecca of gaming mice and is usually gunk repellent .

2. Razer DeathAdder:

Razer DeathAdder is by and far the most popular choice for a lot of gamers. With its 4 button + scroll wheel layout, ergonomic grips and the heartbeat type backlit razer logo across a velvety black surface, this is an instant KO . The DeathAdder is among the lightest of gaming mice ever made and its accuracy and non-existent latency makes this a sensation with professional gamers. This 60$ mouse has DPI settings adjustable upto 6400DPI. It is to be noted that there is a “lefty” version of this mouse too . I can personally attest to its durability as the death adder has survived my hissy fits for almost a year now .

3. Razer Naga:

The Naga from Razer is widely known and received as the elder sibling to the DeathAdder . It has the same ergonomic alacrity as the adder but with 14 configurable buttons. This laser mouse has an unprecedented 8200 DPI cap which makes this one of the best mice in the market . Despite being an MMO mouse, this is an amazing alternate to the DeathAdder and the MX518 . It is to be noted that the Naga has a left handed alternate and even a wireless configuration (Razer Naga Epic).

So these are my top 3 choices, am sure your thoughts might differ, say for example Ash isn’t particularly fond of the Naga Epic, loves his Logitech G700S, so what’s your Gaming Mouse of choice? Let us know in the comments below!




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