JiaYu S4 Specs Leaked: USB Type-C On Board!

Leak images of the JiaYu S4

With the pace at which the Tech world is moving lately, you can’t afford to not keep up with it. In the last year alone, we saw many Chinese smartphone manufacturers stepping up on their game with the release of new mid-to-high-end smart devices.

Most people know little about the emerging Chinese smartphone makers ( …and  pronunciations don’t help at times (: ). Most of these handsets are unlikely to be seen in markets outside China, at least for now.

Some of the popularly known brands most of us are familiar with are the  Xiaomi, ZTE, OPPO, Huawei, OnePlus,  Lenovo, Coolpad…

The new boy to join the block is JiaYu. This company already has some decent mid-range offerings on the market featuring competent internals to compete with rivals. Their current flagship phone is the Jiayu S3.  The S3 sports a 5.5 Inch full HD display and is powered by an MT6752 Octa Core 64bit Cortex A53  Processor with 3GB of RAM. the Jiayu S3 is a Dual SIM phone which offers 4G LTE network capabilities.

JiaYu S3

JiaYu S3

The JiaYu S3


New leaks in recent days show what looks like a JiaYu S4. The specs sheet indicates that the JiaYu S4 will pack a 4.7-inch 1280 x 720 display with corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection and a 1.7mm bezels along both sides. JiaYu will be using MediaTek inside again but this time a 64bit chipset. Dual SIM LTE support is also rumored to be included.

The alleged JiaYu S4

JiaYu S4

New leaks show JiaYu could be working on a successor to its JiaYu S3

We could probably see either 2GB or 3GB RAM variants offering 16GB of internal storage which could be extended up to 64GB via Micro SD. The phone’s also expected to retain the IMX214 sensor of its predecessor.

Leak images of the JiaYu S4

Leak image of the JiaYu S4

The rumored JiaYu S4 is expected to beautify itself with an all alloy-glass construction which is similar to the look of the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6. Another interesting tidbit we noticed from the leaked images was the introduction of USB type-C which JiaYu might use the JiaYu S4.

And to round the rumors off, its expected to sport a 2500mAh battery.

What do you think of leaks? We would like to know your thought… Would you be interested should it be real? Let us know in the comment section below.

Souce: GizChina

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  1. how many companies do they have in chine, where do they get this much funds to raise these many companies and why we are not able to do this

  2. Chinese smartphones are all set to rule the entire world in decade. People will be given a wide range of options to pick the best one from the galore. They can win over the hearts of Indians if they provide excellent after sales support. :)

  3. So awesome ! Good screen, perfect size, great performances, low price (~170$) !
    But, only one problem… STILL NOT RELEASED !
    Do you have informations about the release date ?

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