Moto Turbo Review – Worth Every Penny!

Moto Turbo

First seen as Verizon exclusive the Droid Turbo, later as the Moto Maxx in Latin America and finally Motorola’s now brought it to India labeled the Moto Turbo. When it first came out, it made a lot of noise with its specs, but that was just for a while as other smartphones have emerged to take over the crown. The Moto Turbo as of now, is still the best specs on a smartphone running almost stock android…

Display And Camera

These days, High-end smartphones are being equipped with FHD or QuadHD displays. The Droid Turbo with its 5.2-inch AMOLED display and 2,560-by-1,440-pixel resolution has an insanely sharp screen.That works out to a pixel density of 565ppi (bettered only by the LTE-A variant of the Galaxy S5 and the S6)

The 21 MP rear camera is flanked by a dual led flash, lower below the Motorola branding and at the bottom 2 microphones, it’s capable of shooting your perfect vine video or a selfie for the instrgrammers. The Moto Turbo makes provision  for HDR shooting, 4X digital zoom videos, geotagging, and tap to focus (which also controls for exposure).

Photos shot with the Moto Turbo have ample amounts of detail, colors are quite natural, no issues with exposure, the f/2.0 lens ensures that there’s a decent amount of bokeh, the shutter speeds not the fastest though. The camera UI is one we’ve seen on other Motorola devices, simply tap to shoot or you can set the exposure or focus by dragging the ring, slide from the left to bring up other options.

Photo resolutions for the rear camera can either be shot at a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio (with 15.5 megapixels) or a standard 4:3 ratio with 21 megapixels. With regards to video, users have a choice of 1080pHD, slow-motion video shot at 720p or Ultra HD 4K video at 24 frames per second.

For a phone with such high-end specs, you definitely would expect some extra room for its housing. With a thickness of 11.2mm, weighing 176 grams, the Moto Turbo is not the sleekest device, but it definitely does not feel cheap.

Moto Turbo – What Lies Beneath!

Underneath lies a Snapdragon 805 SOC from Qualcomm – 4x 2.7 GHz + Adreno 420 + 3GB RAM. The Snapdragon 805 is known to be powerful and performs great when put to the test. In our video review where we stressed the Moto Turbo with a variety of graphic demanding games, we didn’t notice any lag.

The Adreno 420 GPU and 3GB of RAM makes the Turbo a beast when it games to gaming and multitasking. frame rates are consistently high and the Moto Turbo feels smooth. There’s also 64 gigs of on-board storage without any room for expansion.


It was a bit strange to see that the Moto Turbo has only one front facing speaker considering the kind of specs it has and also given the fact that even the mid range Moto G from 2014 had two front facing speakers, but nonetheless, the single speaker on the Moto Turbo sounds loud enough and the audio via the included earphones is also great!


Lets now move on to the software. Out of the box, the Moto Turbo runs on android 5.0 lollipop …and this is an almost stock version of the UI. We have all google apps and the google now launcher as default but Motorola has added a few of their own apps and tweaks here as well. You’d probably have seen these before with the Moto X but as someone using a Motorola flagship for the first time, I was pretty impressed!

Launching the camera with a double twist of the wrist has by far been the most accurate and useful gesture that ive used to launch the camera, Moto Display that shows notifications when the display is off by just lighting up the required pixels is brilliant! lets you check what apps require your attention with just a glance and the Moto Turbo also always listens, meaning I could just say “hey moto what’s up” and follow up with voice command. It does seem to pass things off to google now far too often though! The Moto Assist basically lets you decide what notifications to let through under some set scenarios.

Barring these & the camera app its stock android. The Moto Turbo’s responsive , Everything’s rapid fast and smooth, apps open up quick without any lag.

Battery Life And Consumption

With a non-replaceable battery capacity of 3,900mAh, I couldn’t wait to test how long the battery would last and on a looping video playback test, the Turbo proved itself by lasting for about 14 hours before running out of juice.

Now I took this phone with me to the galaxy s6 launch event and my day went something like this – I woke up at my hotel by 6 a.m., listened to some music, got a cab to the launch event GPS on for a bit, took tons of pictures at the event, was active on social media tweeting and posting all through the day, meaning wifi & 3g were always on, was also on the phone for at least an hour – calling to see where people were, dealing with a customs issue back home and I got back to my room by 11-12 in the night I guess. I was too tired to take my laptop out so I watched a couple of episodes of the Simpsons (about 40 minutes) and then slept off. I woke up the next morning to find my turbo still alive and kicking with 10-15% battery left… Now that’s impressive!

Additionally the moto turbo ships with a turbo charger on board and also supports wireless charging.


Rs.42,000 that’s a pretty sweet price. Yes, there are phones that are priced lower, the Xiaomi Mi4, Huawei Honor 6 Plus, OnePlus One… but the Moto Turbo Out-Specs them all, provides an almost stock version of android and is available with out any strings attached – No invites, no flash sales!

While yes, I am a bit disappointed with the display but the pros do far outweigh the cons here and I seriously am tempted to hold on to this device as my daily driver.

So if you are considering the moto turbo, I’d say go for it, it’s a brilliant device that’d be worth your money.

Anyway that’s just me though, what do you guys think? do you agree? If not do let me know why in the comments below!

Albert Ninyeh

Albert is the Founder of TechAfrikico Media. He is also a full-time Technology Journalist who loves to cover tech related news. He also loves coding and crawling the internet for awesome stuffs. He currently owns a Galaxy S2 and he loves to connect with others.


  1. I seen in some reviews that the display looks pink colour(without background light).Is that right? plz replay soon….

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  3. Sir,
    Just purchased Mi Max. It’s Weather is not changing. After searching, it shows not found place. Please how can I change it. Full detailed.

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