Note Edge 2nd Review – 3 Months In!

Note Edge

I first got my hands on a Note Edge 3 months back, I imported one from Japan. Now for the last month or so, this Indian Note Edge has been my primary device for the most part.

With Samsung coming out with a curved edge edition of the S6, I feel this is as good a time as any to go back to the Note Edge, see if the Edge display helped or was more of a hassle as the novelty factor wore off…

As always let’s start with the build… no actually let’s not the build, design, camera… we’ve talked about all this in my original review and they haven’t changed. So today, let’s just focus on that curved edge display.

In the time I’ve spent with it there have been things I’ve liked, things I’ve disliked – let’s start with what’s to like…

Things I like about the Note Edge

  • If you are looking at this phone this is important to you – it is a great conversation starter… a head turner, I’ve had people right from taxi drivers to security officials at airports ask me about the Note Edge… in a sea of similar looking Samsung phones the Note Edge does manage to stand out…
  • Am going to be honest here… I dislike the recent apps key on the Note 4… Samsung’s heavy Touchwiz means the recent apps key does have a slight delay… I found myself loving the fact that I can launch my apps right from the edge display… I ended up using that so much that I moved all my apps to the edge and now have just a few widgets on my home screen
  •  The edge panels option under settings also lets you choose a recent apps panel, that also helped a lot with multi-tasking, switching back and forth between apps real quick! I would have liked for this panel to just have the app icons instead of the names though…
  •  Anyway, pulling down from the top you get access to a bunch of edge screen only apps and again the flash light and recorder are 2 that I ended up utilizing here, controlling music playback from the edge screen was also another that I found useful.
  •  You can get to the panel setting by just sliding from the bottom and hitting the cog icon …and the express me option here lets you set a different wallpaper just for that edge screen a nifty little feature. This kind of calls attention to that edge display.
  •  You can also customize the message that gets display on the edge screen, it’s worth noting that any changes here will just change the text displayed while the screens locked. To change the text that’s displayed when the bars minimized you have to go back and select the “edge screen text” Now whenever you use an app the edge screen minimizes and the text you set is dimmed out and displayed…
  •  Talking about dimmed out, the night clock option is pretty sweet as well, while I can see others using it as an insomniac I sleep very light and even the dimmest of lights bother me so I leave it off …but I do like quickly swiping over the edge screen to check the time pretty sweet!

Things I dislike about the Note Edge

  • I mentioned this in my original review as well, the curved part of the screen is much smaller than this bar you actually see so there’s a bit of overlap at times.When you are say, texting and you get a notification you have to wait for the notification to go away before you can access those letters below and that can get annoying if you receive a bunch of notifications.
  • Ergonomics – don’t get me wrong here, 95% of the time I’ve had no issues with the ergonomics… If you can use a Note 4 or any large device you should be right at home with the Note Edge but at times when I stretch my hand across the screen to hit an icon at the top left, my palm hits the edge screen and that disables the rest of the screen… I’d then have to maneuver a little to actually hit the icon. While it doesn’t happen often enough to annoy me, it isn’t rare enough for me to not bring it up either J
  • Touchwiz lag – as much as I love having all my apps on the edge display, there’s a slight delay when opening a folder, its minor yes but over time this can end up getting annoying.
  • The inability to pull down the notification bar if the edge display is on top – this usually irks me a lot if am in bed and just want to lock the orientation to landscape. It’s not a huge issue though, I just turn the phone around to get it done

So as you can see,  both the lists – the list of things I like and the list of things I dislike aren’t really game changers here …and talking about all these,  it’s easy to forget that it’s still a  Note 4 underneath.

The Note Edge brings with it everything the Note 4 does, well almost everything – it will not work with the gear VR, the battery is  a little smaller but thankfully even after the lollipop update the battery life remains stellar, about 90% of what I get with the Note 4.

The Note Edge even feels a little faster, the theoretical performance after the lollipop update is great too…… no worries there!


So should you get the Note Edge? Well, If you are looking at the Note 4 already, then the note edge is a more interesting device, to yourself and to those around you… if that’s something that’s important to you and if you do have the cash to spare then yes I’d recommend the note edge. If you already own a Note 4, the note edge doesn’t do enough to justify buying it!

So that’s just my opinion though, what do you guys think? Given the choice between a Note Edge and a Note 4 today, what would you pick and why? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

If you do want to pick a Note Edge up you can do that from amazon of Flipkart or Amazon. If you aren’t from India, you can pick one up from

Here’s my original review of the Note Edge in case you want to check that out


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  1. please make a video of app can be use if phone lost (tracking app) and how to use. because i lost mi mi3 two week back and i don’t able to track with google tracker and mi account…. if any preinstalled app work better then that it may help people and also me for tracking my mi3….
    thank you

  2. international GNote 2 unlocked doesn’t work with Tmobile 3G/HSPA. Just reeltncy I began getting 3G/HSPA on Tmo Monthly 4G plan. The area is small but my GNote original definitely started receiving 3G. I asked a rep at the Tmo store who said they are currently upgrading the network. I hope so as I plan to purchase a GNote 2. FYI.

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